Impreuna Community Development Agency

Impreuna Agency for Community Development has 13 years of experience working with the Rroma. The organisation was established as a legal entity on 24 September 1999 under Court Ruling 93 of Brasov County Court. The Agency’s mission is to preserve and assert Rroma identity through research and the dissemination of studies, as well as through the elaboration and implementation of social policies aimed at the Rroma. Main objectives include developing Rroma communities and development processes, in the context of civil, social, political and economic rights; Developing cooperation and partnership with national and international public or private associations specialised in the research and implementation of social programs targeting the Rroma. Areas of activity include community development (Research, Training human resources, Project management), cross-border cooperation (culture, healthcare, education) and Grants (housing, monitoring, and evaluation). The Agency employs 15 professionals, and is nationally and internationally known for its large scale, integrative projects, focused on community development and empowerment of Rroma.