Amare Rromentza Rroma Center

Roma Center Amare Rromentza is non-governmental, apolitical, and a non-profit association with 12 year experience working with the Rroma in a sustainable way. Its objectives are to prevent and fight all forms of discrimination against the Rroma; to protect the fundamental rights of minorities; to facilitate access of Rroma people to civic, economic, social, cultural and political rights; to ensure the economic development of the Rroma communities; Reconstruction of the specific institutional systems, through which strategies of individual and community assertion will be applied; Assertion of Rroma elite, creator of referential models: the identity reconstruction and increasing of the self-esteem of Rroma; Promoting and supporting a multicultural society and intercultural dialogue; Promoting public policies for the benefit of Rroma, including affirmative measures; Development of Rroma as a non-territorial nation in the European context. Established in 2000, Amare Rromentza has a staff of 17 professionals, and represents the reference point in Romania regarding the Rroma culture and bi-lingual education for early childhood.