PACT Foundation

Sigla PACTPACT Foundation – Partnership for Community Action and Transformation is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization that is active in the fields of community development and social economy. PACT was registered in March 2006 under the Law no. 246/2005 in approval of Ordinance no. 26/2000 regarding associations and foundations. The foundation’s office is in Bucharest and it runs activities (local development programs and projects) in rural and small to medium-sized urban localities in South Romania (South-Muntenia and South-West Oltenia regions). PACT team has a wide experience in supporting civil society in South Romania – facilitating the establishment of new community groups and organizations since October 2002. PACT Foundation uses a complex methodology of training, facilitation, consultancy and seed-funding (small non-reimbursable grants). The foundation runs fundraising campaigns with the aim to finance small community projects submitted by the community-based organizations or informal initiative groups that participate in PACT’s programs. PACT is presently collaborating with 45 community-based organisations and has substantial experience working with Rroma communities. PACT runs projects country-wide, focusing on grassroots community development, participation and empowerment, with a staff of 22 professionals.