Habitat for Humanity Romania


Habitat for Humanity Romania is one of the most important non-governmental organizations in Romania in the field of social housing. Its vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Since 1996, Habitat for Humanity Romania has been building new homes, renovating damaged houses, community centers and dispensaries, offering technical support, providing energy efficiency programs and prevention and disaster risk response programs for vulnerable groups.

Through its affiliates from Beius, Cluj, Radauti, Comanesti, Cumpana and Craiova, Habitat for Humanity Romania has so far helped over 16,000 people have a decent place to live, by either building new houses or renovating existing ones, and another 20,000 persons through the prevention and disaster risk response programs.

On an international level, Habitat for Humanity has built and rehabilitated over 800,000 houses for 4 million people from 80 countries around the globe.

Contact person:

Loredana Modoran, Fund Development and Communication Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity România,

loredana.modoran@habitat.ro; 0722.640.229