Pestalozzi Foundation Romania

PestalozziThe vision of Pestalozzi Romania Foundation5 is a world of dignity, self-knowledge, respect for others and solidarity for all. Pestalozzi Foundation’s mission is to initiate, develop and promote programmes and services to meet the needs of people in difficulty based on the principles of social work. Principles include: Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunities, Family Environment for any person, Community Involvement, Partnership, Quality, Social Pedagogy. To successfully put into practice these ideas, Pestalozzi Foundation has sought to engage both in adult education through training sessions and training and in working directly with disadvantaged children including Rroma through concrete activities. Activities include direct-intervention projects for disadvantaged people, social groups in risk of marginalization and discrimination; Intercultural education, training, consulting, direct services; Training and coaching for public institutions, schools, colleges, universities; Consulting on human resources development, personnel evaluation, identification of training needs, Consulting and facilitation in community development; Vocational training for adults education. Pestalozzi Foundation was established in 1994 by Swiss Kinderdorf Pestalozzi. It runs projects related to child protection, social pedagogy, and intercultural education, with a staff of 12 professionals in Romania. Pestalozzi Foundation has 14 years of experience working with the Rroma.